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Operating in the Owen Sound Grey Bruce Region

High Branch is fully insured and specializes in arborist related services, such as tree pruning, storm damage tree clean up, tree health inspection, problem tree removal, stump grinding and removal, and landscaping and yard maintenance. High Branch is owned and operated by Ken Reich, who is an ISA CERTIFIED ARBORIST. Ken has forestry-related College and University training, which means he can help you make the best decisions regarding the trees on your property. Please contact us for a free estimate concerning any of our tree related service. We look forward to hearing from you!

High Branch Tree Services - Owen Sound - Landscaping and Yard Maintenance


High Branch is pleased to announce the opening of a new landscaping division! This will broaden the scope of our company, to meet a wide variety of our clients landscaping goals. Whether it’s extensive landscape redesign that requires large scale excavation and reconstruction or simply trimming your lawn let us bring our tools and expertise to work for you! Whatever your expectations may be we will strive to exceed them!

High Branch Tree Services - Tree Removal & Pruning


There is a great diversity of reasons why someone would like a tree removed! Some reasons may be that the tree poses a potential hazard of falling onto a home, car or person, the tree is blocking a view, general landscaping, interference with satellite reception, or you wish to open an area to allow more sunlight etc. Whatever, the reason we would be happy to come have a look.

High Branch Tree Services - Owen Sound - Trail and Lot Clearing


Clearing wooded areas can be dangerous work! Therefore, it is important to find qualified contractors who can get the job done safely and efficiently. High Branch tree services also understands the potential long term effects of forest management decisions and can help you make choices “today” that will be positive tomorrow.

High Branch Tree Services - Owen Sound - Stump Removal


Most people have experienced the challenges that a tree stump can present on a property. Not only are they often unsightly obstructions, but they usually require extra effort to avoid and trim around when cutting the lawn. High Branch tree services can “grind” your stump below grade so that only a small amount of soil and grass seed is required to completely cover up all tree remnants

High Branch Tree Services - Owen Sound - Storm Damage Cleanup


From time to time a storm can blow through your area and leave large branched or even an entire tree laying on your lawn, driveway or even your house. If you find yourself in this situation you can call the contact number and if you indicate that you are dealing with storm damage we will respond as quickly as possible.

High Branch Tree Services - Owen Sound - Forest Management


Are you interested in establishing a forest trail system, without significant negative impacts to your woodlot? Or maybe you’re interested in greater wildlife diversity or to increase the future lumber potential. Ken Reich brings a University degree in Environmental Studies, a college diploma in forest recreation and an ISA Arborists certification to the table. We will LISTEN very carefully to your specific plans.


“…I know quality workmanship when I see it.  Ken displayed a very strong work ethic and integrity in the entire business transaction.”

High Branch Tree Services - Ken Reich

As owner-operator of High Branch Tree Services, your satisfaction is my priority.


  • Many thanks to Ken (our family's hero) who literally goes above and beyond the call of duty. Having had our family cat chased 60 feet up a tree by an errant dog, and attempting all kinds of ideas to try and rescue her, we were all becoming quite anxious. As this particular tree was back in the forest it was inaccessible by fire or city vehicles. Ken quickly assessed the situation, and within a few minutes, was up the tree and lovingly had our grateful cat back on the ground. Surprisingly, Ken refused payment stating that it wasn't a job and that he was just trying to be helpful. Thank you Ken. Not many people in this world act and think the way you do.
    Kristen Anderson, Owen Sound
  • After a recent electrical storm, three huge trunks of my seven-trunk Silver Maple fell to the ground.  Its branches and foliage lay strewn across two neighbor’s lawns!  I desperately needed help! Thank goodness for good neighbors who pitched in and worked all Saturday, but there were still piles of limbs and foliage to deal with! I had met Ken Reich years ago, just when he was starting his business, High Branch Tree Service. I located his card. Although it was a Sunday, Ken came right over and gave me a very satisfactory price, promising to return on Monday with his chopper! Returning exactly when he said he would, he worked consistently. He even raked and broomed the remainder of the chop, leaving my property clean and tidy. I highly recommend Ken as being personable, conscientious, courteous and reliable. He is the man I will be calling in future for all my tree needs!
    Paula Niall, Owen Sound
  • High Branch Tree Services recently removed 3 dead and/or dying trees from our rural property. Ken did so with consideration of safety and minimal damage to the surroundings. Not only that, but he toured our property and examined the health of our other trees. He is very pleasant to work with and we will not hesitate to call him again in the future.
    Evan and Fiona Evison Woodford, Ontario
  • High Branch Tree Services was recommended to us for our needs of taking a tree down that was dying and also trimming some other tree branches. After contacting this service , we had very quick service, from Ken coming to give us a quote to actually having the the work done.  We also were very pleased with the cleanup afterwards and all the debris was taken away. We would definitely recommend High Branch Tree Services.
    Ken and Norma Aplin


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